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The Bible Simply Put

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Vývojář: Matthew Ziehr

The Bible Simply Put is a teaching tool to help people learn the whole Bible. It simply teaches the Bible by breaking down scripture into colorful pieces that are easy to understand. Each piece builds upon the previous one, and together they form 7 different levels of the project.


ONE STORY - the whole story of the Bible in one simple statement.

2 TESTAMENTS - the story of the Bible divided into two major parts, the old and the new.

8 SECTIONS - each testament simplified into 4 sections with color coding.

66 BOOKS - each book of the Bible simplified and color coded according to its section.

1189 CHAPTERS - a short explanation of every chapter in the Bible, written for easy understanding.

CHARACTERS - a basic description of all the major characters in the Bible, colored according to the sections they appear in.

PLACES - all of the major locations in the Bible explained and color coded.

Each level of the project walks you through the entire Bible. You can start on any level and move up to simplify and down to expand the story.


Along with all of these simplifications we also included a full version of the Bible text. On all 1189 chapter pages double tap to read the actual Bible text. Our hope is that this project will encourage you to go read the Bible.


We have integrated Facebook, Twitter, and Email so that you can share this project with your friends and family.


We always want to make the app better, so if you see something that needs to be changed or added please email us at info@thebiblesimplyput.com.

We hope you enjoy the app and the find yourself reading the Bible with greater understanding.