The Bible Simply Put App Reviews

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This is a great idea and a pleasantly visual Bible based app. I applaud the team for both the concept and the implementation. It really is a large undertaking. That being said I wish it had been released in a completed form. Trying to move to another level and finding "coming soon" or "coming soonish" does not inspire confidence. I am looking forward to updates and eventually having a completed app.

Splendid app. Excellent! Great.

Em grateful for this. App. Very good to a person like me to learn the Bible so easy. 😍

Great app!!!!

This app is so easy to use. It makes reading the bible a lot more simple and fun. Every Christian should have this app!!!!!

Like others...great concept

4 stars for concept. Love the idea and the passion behind it, but it's still a little short of complete. I think there's a place for it. Unfortunately, like so many others - it costs money to produce and maintain these projects. My best to those with a heart to get God's Word into more lives.

Love the concept, make it better

Love the concept of the app! Once it's finished, it will be fantastic.


I love the look of this app and how it really dives into the very real and applicable stories of the bible. I am very excited to see it finished & to start using it to better understand the Bible!

Well done!

I have only positive things to say about the app's concept and inception. It works great and is very informative. You can tell a lot of work went into it. Can't wait to see what else is coming soon!

Doesn't work

This is a great concept but only if it worked! Everything I click on says "coming soon" and then freezes my phone! It would probably be a good idea to complete development of the app before putting it out there to be downloaded! I can't give something that's incomplete even 1 star.

Lovely. Intuitive. Simple.

I just finished reading the entire Bible this year and this App is a key resource to help me quickly refresh my memory on important characters and passages. I love it!


Great break down of one of the most complex books ever written. Absolutely amazing and fun to use!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome and Beautiful

This is such an incredible tool for anyone from those who have never approached the Bible to those who are super familiar with the Scriptures. It's a beautiful app and I'm so stoked to keep using it!

Beautiful, helpful, easy to use!

I love the easy interface; so user friendly! The content is very reliable--I've using it for characters I've forgotten about or summaries of entire books! You're able to look up a character and find every place they're mentioned in the Bible, and go straight to that passage. The colors are also so helpful and beautiful!

Love it!

Great user interface with excellent material for learning the fundamentals of the Bible. Also great for detailed explanations of chapters and verses. Definitely going to continue to use this app

Simple put, simply awesome!

A refreshing glimpse into the most important book of all time.

Simply Amazing!

This app is so helpful to reference during sermons and while reading my Bible. Can't wait for more chapters to come out!

Great research tool

This is a great app. I use it all the time as a research tool along with reading my Bible. It's simple, yet effective, and the color coding is awesome!

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